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In the history of cosmetics and women obtaining beauty from cosmetics that more technological and scientific advances have occurred for the making of cosmetics in the last 5 years than in the previous fifty years of cosmetic reviews.

As a start let’s start with “Peptides”. The word or phrase “Peptide” may be of little concern for you as a woman who wishes to increase their beauty, desirability and image.

In the case of cosmetics and the means by which cosmetics are developed and made for you as a consumer – peptides are a purely chemical product from synthesis. Many forms of peptides for the skin care and dermatological industry were developed by scientists in such exotic locations known for their skin care products as Switzerland, France and Spain. Often these products synthesized for different cosmetics and skin care products were developed as different forms. Peptides themselves are chains of amino acids. For example insulin is a polypeptide. Very often you may notice on skin care labels “Polypeptide” with a generic (chemical name which you probably have no idea on earth what the substance is). On top of that there may be little often distinction or chemical description or designation of the exact nature of the ingredient or exact reference to the length of the chain involved in that particular peptide involved. Go figure. Other times you will read dipeptide (which is two amino acids joined together in the peptide chain), tripeptide (three amino acids) and so on. These chemical names on the labels of the cosmetic product by a name telling you by which exact method these products were made or synthesized. Why should all of this information interest you at all? After all your concern is the beauty and attractiveness to your skin that the cosmetic will enhance directly. The answer lies in the fact that while some peptides have the intrinsic ability to regenerate the collagen in your skin which will serve to regenerate your cells , other peptides and peptide combinations cam act on your blood glucose levels just like insulin does.

The best advice in terms of your choices when choosing which cosmetic product to buy is not to spend money on cosmetic or beauty products which do not contain at least one form of peptide or another. Often these are older cosmetic products or raw materials that are in stock in the manufacturer’s storage warehouse. Often the very process of changing the manufacture procedures and chemical processes needed to manufacture cosmetic products and formulations necessitate the scraping of tons of unusable raw materials which are not compatible with the newer peptide formulations. In addition there is also a financial need to take into consideration as well, at the manufacturing and marketing end of the cosmetics field the millions and millions of dollars costs already spent on advertising, promotional and packaging contracts which cannot be changed.

For a cosmetic research scientist the peptide products themselves pose formidable problems in their adequate absorption and retention under skin surface, and stability as well. Of the different types and formulations of peptides – the copper peptides are very sensitive to other chelating ingredients in the formulas and strong oxidizing reducing agents as well. It’s all very complexes and delicate the process of developing the new peptide based cosmetic products to enhance your beauty.

It can be said that more advances in the field of cosmetics and cosmetology have been accomplished in the last five years than in the very dynamic fifty year period which preceded it. If there is one basic rule to follow when buying the newest, most advanced and most modern forms and formulations of cosmetics – it is to read the label carefully. Make sure that one way or another peptides or a peptide is listed on the ingredient listing.

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