In Search for Longer Lasting Beauty

Since the New Millenium, we are entering a new age in search for longer lasting beauty and youth.
We have come to the understanding that a healthy body will considerably prolong youthful appearance, minimising the needs for invasive and life risking procedures such as plastic surgery.
We are learning that our body “thinks and reacts” and what it shows outside is the reflection of what’s happening inside. After all, we know how to keep our car looking like new by washing and waxing it, running smooth and fast by changing oil regularly, cleaning filters, so should we know how to maintain our body in its best condition.

It all starts with good maintenance of one of our two most important systems: The Lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic system has two main functions: the balance of body fluid and immunity. It carries T-cells, B-cells, lymphocytes, antibodies and nutrients through the body protecting us from diseases. It is also the body’s sewage system, ridding the body of deadly toxins that are released by the cells on a continuous basis and carrying proteins and large particular matter away from the tissue spaces, neither of which can be removed by the blood stream.

As Arthur C. Guyton, Chairman and Professor Dept of Physiology and Biophysics Univ. of Mississippi School of Medicine said: ” We shall see that this removal of old, dead proteins from the intercellular space is an absolute essential function, without which we would die within 24 hours.”
It is obvious, then, that if the lymphatic system is not functioning at it’s optimum, one typically is chronically sick, fatigued, retains water, gets cellulite, poor skin tone, etc… The lymphatic system having no pump, contrary to the blood system, it is imperative to make sure that it is stimulated enough to work properly. Exercise, water absorption and healthy food should do it but not always. If the lymphatic system condition has been neglected due to erratic lifestyle, stress or diseases, it needs to be stimulated in order to improve the immune system, oxygenate the blood and skin, detoxify the body, repair tissues, improve skin appearance, help losing weight and/or reduce cellulite.

Today we are embracing the return to natural healthy ways to restore our youth, making plastic surgery the last resort with treatments such as: UltraSonic Lipolysis which means “break down of fat by ultrasound waves”, Infrared Thermogenic Lipolysis, one of the latest French technique for converting fat into energy, the equivalent of a 6 mile-run!

These treatments are exclusively performed by Diane Fumat in her Day Spa in Beverly Hills.
Although some places make attempts to copy USL technique, she still remains the only trusted specialist in her field as this is her creation and her signature treatment and her experience and knowledge is what make her clients to obtain the best result one may expect. She also offers Live Cell Treatments and products, Face re-contouring, LED skin rejuvenation, Eyelash Extensions and Dermapigmentation.

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