Maintain The Beauty and Health Of Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

Home owners should hire carpet cleaners at least two times a year; however, the carpets must be maintained in between cleanings to ensure their beauty and health are effectively maintained.

Carpets should be vacuumed both regularly and thoroughly. Vacuuming not only removes soil from carpets to keep them looking nice but also extends the life of the carpet. While vacuuming it is important to use slow strokes and to go over each area several times. To keep carpets healthy it is recommended that the carpets in a home are vacuumed weekly, even daily in high traffic areas.

Different stains require different techniques. Below is a list of the most common types of stains as well as suggestions on how to clean and care for them.

– Surface soils

o Shoes and food crumbs create dry soil may stay on the surface of a carpet for a short time but eventually will embed itself into the carpet fibers. Other examples of dirt that can easily be removed by vacuuming are threads, pieces of paper, dust as well as pet hairs. If surface soil is not removed promptly, the dirt and oils will work themselves into the depths of the carpet fibers. Once surface soils become embedded, more extensive techniques will be required to remove them.

– Deep soil

o Wet or dry soil can sink down into the fibers of a carpet. Both can be removed with extensive vacuum techniques. Upright cleaners seem to work the best. To ensure efficient removal run the vacuum over the soiled area several times before moving to the next area.

– area rugs

o Rugs should be vacuumed using the same techniques as those described for usage on home carpets however extra care is important when the vacuum approaches the carpet fringes. When the vacuum reaches the fringes lift it up slightly to ensure that the fringes do not get caught in the suction of the vacuum.

Besides the specific techniques used for different types of stains and carpets it is also important to mention that vacuums must be maintained to ensure quality performance. The following are suggestions to help ensure that a vacuum is kept in top-notch condition.

– The hose on a vacuum gets clogged frequently. Clogs prevent effective suctioning and therefore lower a vacuums cleaning potential. A regular wire hanger is a great tool to use to unclog a vacuum hose. Carefully take the hanger apart and then use pliers to gently bend the tip of the hanger into a u shape. After bending the hanger it can be used to remove the hair and dust that fills and clogs the vacuum hose.

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