The Relation Between Beauty and Health

Beauty is a term that can often get categorized as a superficial term, but it’s not quite that simple. This term can mean a lot of things and believe it or not it can have a strong impact on our lives.

Beauty isn’t always about how you look, although it definitely is sometimes; it can also be about how you feel. In fact some feel that it can be a big component behind good health. You may wonder how beauty can be related to health; for most people feeling and looking better gives a big boost of confidence which impacts a variety of things. People with more confidence are generally happier, feel more well-liked, are more outgoing, friendly, positive and they will likely perform better at things like a job interview.

The nice thing is that when you get into a good routine of taking care of yourself — getting regular exercise, good sleeping habits and eating well — you will look and feel better. You will enjoy the feeling and the look this healthy lifestyle provides and it is easier to keep up the good habits. On the flip side when you’re feeling down and unattractive it’s easier to say I already don’t feel good about myself I’ll have that extra serving of dessert or I’ll skip my walk today; it doesn’t matter anyway. If this goes on too long it can have a strong impact on your life and your daily interactions.

We all have moments that can interrupt a good, healthy cycle in our lives. Things like pregnancy can have an impact because of the hormone changes, weight gain, swelling and thoughts of lasting effects like stretch marks. There are many other things that happen in day to day life that can make us slip or give us an “excuse” to give up our good habits or quit taking good care of ourselves. But don’t give in to this when you know you can look and feel better with just a few changes.

Beauty doesn’t have to mean looking like a cover model. Everyone needs to find their own sense of beauty; you’ll know it when you find it, as long as you’re not striving for perfection, and you can find it by taking good care of yourself. When you truly take good care of yourself you’ll be happier, healthier and able to thrive — the beauty will show from within.

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